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Ep. 125: Where It’s At - We Got Two Australians and Some Microphones

July 10, 2019

Australia invades! Steele Saunders and Josh Chapman stop in to talk some Star Wars. Here's what happens:

  • Dallas was STILL on vacation. Good for him. Good for him.
  • Steele Saunders of Steele Wars (@SteeleWars) and Josh Chapman of Star Wars Spelt Out (@StarWarsSpelt) hang out with Luke and Eric. Apparently it takes two podcasting titans to fill the void that Dallas leaves when he's not there.
  • Who Got What? has some unique entries. Eric veered off his usual hardass rule and let the guests talk about stuff they've ordered but not received yet.
  • Here's a shocker: people are still complaining about certain things in Star Wars. Weird. Alex from Star Wars Explained wins Twitter.
  • Here's our top things that annoy us about top things lists.
  • What's the score with Galaxy's Edge? Ruining Disneyland? That's the word on the street. Not a street where logical people hang out, but some street somewhere.
  • Why not an alien main character in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? You might be surprised.
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