The Bad Motivators: A Malfunctioning Star Wars Podcast


Ep. 173: 10101101

June 10, 2020

The docuseries on The Mandalorian continues, we used pre-vis to plan this entire episode, and we still don't know the score on Celebration. Here's what happens:

  • Hey guys, thank you for being patient with us while we've talked about what's happening the world right now. We know that our views aren't necessarily the same as everyone else's on these things, and we aren't intending to be polarizing. It's practically impossible to not have stuff like this come up in a conversational show of this format. This is not going to be a permanent recurring segment of the show!
  • The S01E06 of Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Process, we get to see a detailed breakdown of how the episodes get made. It's pretty amazing what they're able to accomplish with the pre-visualization of each episode, and it's also amazing what it allows them to do in live action!
  • So, what's the deal with Celebration? Seriously, what's the story? We're getting nervous.
  • Please watch S01E04 of Star Wars Rebels, Fighter Flight with us! Zeb almost becomes Old Yeller in this one we think.


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