The Bad Motivators: A Malfunctioning Star Wars Podcast


Ep. 54: Star Wars Rebels: Learning to Let Go

February 28, 2018

Two more episodes of Star Wars Rebels aired. Just one more night to go. Here's what happens:

  • Dallas scored some cool toys. Luke and Eric got nothing. Sad.
  • We discuss the two newest episodes of Star Wars Rebels, Wolves at the Door and A War Between Worlds. We liked them! Great visuals. We may have been too hard on Dave Filoni. Maybe.
  • Eric goes on a bit of a tangent. Yeah.
  • There are some spoilers floating around about the upcoming The Last Jedi novelization by Jason Fry. Don't worry, we don't discuss them. Just be aware!
  • The Bad Motivators Star Wars Tweet of the Week is back! It wasn't gone because we didn't have time, it was because we totally forgot to do it. This one comes from Ian Fee (@IanFee). Check the Tweet here. It looks like he paved the way for Mark Hamill to possibly be in GotG 3?!?
  • David W. Collins has a new podcast launching February 28th called The Soundtrack Show, where he'll dissect film scores and discuss them in detail! Super cool!
  • Listener emails and voicemails! There's some really great stuff in here.
  • Eric has a Bandcamp page where you can get uncompressed stereo versions of some of the great podcast themes and bumpers you've come to know and love! I know, right?!? Check it out here!


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