The Bad Motivators: A Malfunctioning Star Wars Podcast


Ep. 56: Celebrating One Year of Bad Motivation

March 14, 2018

It's our one year anniversary! Happy birthday to The Bad Motivators! Here's what happens:

  • Dallas tells us how great Hawaii was.
  • Luke and Dallas both got the Chewbacca on the AT-ST Funko Pop. Eric got the IMAX standups from The Last Jedi! YES!!!!
  • Issue #12 of the Darth Vader comic is up for discussion.
  • Jon Favreau will be the executive producer and writer of a live-action Star Wars series.
  • Mark Hamill gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • The Bad Motivators Star Wars Tweet of the Week comes from Jason Guerrasio (@JasonGuerrasio). Check the Tweet here. I don't think he liked the "third lesson" deleted scene from The Last Jedi!
  • The Last Jedi is out on major streaming platforms. Luke and Eric are trying to wait for the 4K Blu-ray release, but Dallas bought it while the show was being recorded and rubbed it in their faces.
  • Great listener emails and voicemails from King Tom, JP, Turbo and Nick!
  • Eric has a Bandcamp page where you can get uncompressed stereo versions of some of the great podcast themes and bumpers you've come to know and love! I know, right?!? Check it out here!


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