The Bad Motivators: A Malfunctioning Star Wars Podcast


Ep. 79: The McDonald’s of Podcasting

August 22, 2018

We finally get a look at Star Wars Resistance! The novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story will feature some new material. What? Here's what happens:

  • Numbers!
  • Comics, Enfys Nest and more in Who Got What?
  • A trailer for Star Wars Resistance was released. We discuss the imagery and the potential stories as much as you can over a 60 second clip. Check out our friend Jason Ward at for a seriously in-depth look into the trailer!
  • The novelization for Solo: A Star Wars Story is on the way. Check out an excerpt at
  • Luke has a new segment called It Came from the EU that you're gonna love.
  • The clones are people too. Find out more in Dallas' Whatever Clone Wars Thing.
  • That's Metal delivers the goods.
  • Listener emails and voicemails!


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