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Ep. 81: We Ruin the Novel “Thrawn: Alliances” with Robbo

September 5, 2018

We dissect the novel Thrawn: Alliances and discuss purchasing habits! Here's what happens:

  • Robbo (@GC9X) of Hardcore Gaming 101, The Wookiee Genome Project, Steele Wars, and Blue Harvest fame stops in to help us dive into Thrawn: Alliances. He's got some great insight.
  • In a show of where his loyalties lie, Eric answers a phone call from Steele Saunders during the show and makes the guys wait on him.
  • Who Got What? just might have found a theme song! We get into the quality of the 3.75" figures and ships.
  • Kohl's business model makes everything seem like a great deal.
  • Does C-3PO have a baby?
  • Weekend at Bernie's in space. Why even walk?
  • Clare from The Imperial Senate podcast asks us about decorating our homes with Star Wars gear, and King Tom says battle damage stickers may be for chumps.


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