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PATREON FREEBIE - Fairly Critical - It: Chapter 1&2 w/Matt Frost

September 23, 2019

Fairly Critical is normally just for Patrons on our Patreon feed, but we wanted to give everyone else a sample!

Luke is joined by friend of the show Matt Frost (@phroosh77 on twitter) to discuss the most recent movie adaptations of Stephen King's It.

This is full spoiler episode about both It: Chapter 1 & 2. 

Matt also records a fun podcast about Peppa Pig from the perspective of two dads who always get stuck watching it with their kids. It's called "I'm a Bit Of An Expert."

If you would like to hear Matt and talk in length about the book, consider joining The Bad Motivators Patreon. Where not only can you get "Fairly Critical" but you also get; "Seismic Charges" a podcast dedicated to Star Wars Comics with Luke, King Tom, and Rashad Qasem of Whill Communications.

Also on the feed are two different shows from Eric Strothers called "That's Metal", where our resident rock god talks about all things metal. And "Strothers Family Secrets" a family oriented show he records with his kids, while trying not to pull out his hair. 

And last but not least, twice a month Dallas Wood brings you "Tarkin Tangents." A show about a little of this, and a little of that, but definitely bring a beer.